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I’ve had a j pouch for thirty two years and had my first blockage due to a twisted bowel three years ago. I foolishly ate a lot of broccoli last night. I’ve been in terrible pain ever since. I didn’t sleep and only used the bathroom at 2:30am. I ate a little breakfast in the morning and nothing else. I’ve been drinking water, I can’t have juices. I have no appetite. Not sure of what to do.

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Hi, I've suffered from obstructions very often. I now take super enzymes that help digest the food. And I also take a homeopathic med called nux vomica. With the next vomica you cannot touch the little tablets. You add one to a store-bought water bottle and take two tablespoons every 15 minutes until you feel some relief usually doesn't take more than 3 to 4 doses.  Nux vomica can be purchased at a health food store or a big grocery stores.  Also massaging your belly and putting a heating pad over it will also help.

Good luck my fellow J-poucher!!

My suggestion is if you don't need to go to the hospital is that you keep drinking small amounts, walk, don't eat anything until you start feeling better and having bowel movements. I have gone through 3 obstructions that I had to go in for and 2 that I did what I said and felt better after a couple days. Try and relax if you can manage it. Best of luck.

@Alaine posted:

My blockage resolved without surgery! No NG tube, starting going to the bathroom. The surgeon said I could expect to have this happen more frequently, is this true?

It is true that once your gut has demonstrated a propensity to obstruct then it’s more likely to happen in the future than a gut which has never obstructed. That doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to obstruct again, or that you will necessarily obstruct frequently.

I’m *very* glad it cleared up on its own. I’d suggest being kind to your GI tract for a few days.

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