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Pelvic (Kegel) Exercises

To strengthen the tone of the anal sphincter muscles.

A group of specialized muscles that allow you to control your bowel functions.

Early Exercises:
Pelvic exercises may be started before surgery and safely resumed three weeks after surgery.

During the immediate post-operative phase, while you are still in the hospital and up to three weeks after your surgery, your tissues and muscles are healing. When this initial healing has occurred, you may begin to resume theses exercises.

Method of Exercise:
Tighten your sphincter muscles as if you are stopping a bowel movement. While squeezing tightly, hold for a count of ten; then relax for a count of ten. This constitutes one step. Repeat this exercise ten times to equal one set.

You should complete six to ten sets a day, or as prescribed by your doctor.

These may be performed any time during the day, and while you are in any position -- sitting, standing or lying down. Also, since they require no special positioning, you may do them while working at any location, while driving in your car, or even while watching television.

When you visit the out-patient clinic for your final exam, your physician will advise you as to the continuation of these exercises. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your surgeon or ET nurse.

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