Anyone else concerned about the 400% price increase on Immodium/Loperamide?

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Do you buy Imodium over the counter, or do you have a prescription? I only take it occasionally now, but for the first year with a J-pouch, I was taking 2 Imodium, 4 times a day. The doctor wrote me a prescription, so with Medicare, I only paid around $3 for a 30 day supply. Way cheaper than over the counter! 

Has the price gone up for prescription Imodium too, or just the over the counter? Has your doctor written a prescription for it? If not, that might be a way to save a lot of money, while getting the medicine that you need. 

Last time I bought Kirkland loperamide, I paid a little over 5.00 for 400 pills.  So, if you have a Costco membership, or know someone who does, get them there.

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Depends on what type of Imodium you take, I take this type:

$15 for 42 pills is outrageous. 


It’s all loperamide so I don’t understand your post. Imodium is loperamide it’s just a brand name. You are spending money on nothing because Equate and Kirkland is exactly the same - loperamide 

I know all about Imodium, immodium multi-symptom is not the same as regular Imodium.  I’ve been using Original loperamide for years which no longer works. Multi-symptom works much better and COSTS a FORTUNE.


If the Imodium multi-symptom works better for you, you could get the same results by purchasing the loperamide and the simethicone separately. I don’t know if it would be any cheaper, but it’s worth checking. There is nothing magic about combination drugs - I usually prefer to take each medication separately, which allows me to more cleanly manage the dosing and any issues that might arise. At any rate, it will be less confusing if we don’t call this combination drug “Imodium,” since it’s really loperamide + simethicone.

This thread has gotten way off topic. 

The immodium multi symptom I’m speaking about is very expensive. I’ll call it what the manufacturer has named it-IMODIUM multi-symptom. 

Not everyone has good insurance and some of us are at the poverty level.  How dare anyone asssume why we can’t afford this med that has increased by 400%. 

I’m assuming nothing. I expect brand-name drugs to get unreasonable price increases for the next few years - they are trying to establish outrageous baseline prices in case price controls take the form of controls over price increases. The combination product is overpriced hocus-pocus, and the two generics (loperamide and simethicone) might be much cheaper. The best way to express dissatisfaction with the price is to stop paying it. Thank goodness there are alternatives.

I do not understand why you can’t take loperamide generic for one symptom and other generic for the other symptoms. There is no need to buy an overpriced combination brand product, the components of which are available much cheaper at prices you likely can afford. Nobody likes to pay for overpriced meds, I get that, but the market is filled with overpriced combination products that are not necessary to take when available elsewhere in generics.

walmart simethicone 250 gelcaps for $10 does not strike me as expensive:;wl13=&veh=sem

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OK just can mix and match your own meds, sort of like Walter White on “Breaking Bad” except in this case it’s legal and appropriate to do so. You can be your own pharmacist and save some coin - I don’t know that Imodium is using higher quality loperamide and simethicone but maybe they are. Are there any Chemists here or Walter White wannabes who can comment on loperamide and simethicone potency and purification procedures? Can the generics be enhanced with cooking or distilling methods? Or mixed with enhancers?

In any event you do have a choice. Good luck.

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I am taking Lomotil instead of Immodium it works for me ,immodium is low acting..

Are you okay with the surgery you that had ? I hag the same thing but till now I am still not comfortable with. when I had the diarrhea my lower extremities were feeling sore that I could not remain standing for a longer time and sit too.also you might laugh at this but there are times when I am using the bathroom, a loud noise would come out (flatulence) and it was embarrassing. there was a time there are these young teen agers who were there and the one who was washing her hands on the sink yelled at her friend almost laughing and said" Is that you ?" and of course the friend said she was not the one! It is so embarrassing! And I can not blame themi would alsodo the same if I were them but not like that!!!

I followed the exercises they told me to do .ut this is how it is..

I can not sleep over at my relatives house or sister's house when I come for a visit because of that.. I can not go out to dinner for a date also. I have been having this issues for four years now!

How do yo deal with. I read your profile and we seem like have the same medical procedure. I have done mine in New Jersey. Please let me know so I can at least have ideas from other people.

I met a person from a seminar and I tried ask for his phone number so at least I can compare y issues and concerns and at least I will be able to know how to handle it but he was not cooperative at all. 

Anyway, thank you ..

he sound it made I guess is because our anus was not original anymore. still , I can not even go out on a date or sleep over at my sister's /brother's or friends house..

How do you deal with it? 

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In the UK it has become very hard to buy loperomide in bulk, I actually have to get it imported from USA, which really pushes the cost up.  If anyone in UK knows of a supplier please let me know, you can't even get it on amazon.  Think I paid about 80 dollars for 2x Kirkland 200 tabs last time which is crazy when I was paying around 20 dollars 12 months ago.


Edited, just checked the actual price I paid..

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In the UK it has become very hard to buy loperomide in bulk, I actually have to get it imported from USA, which really pushes the cost up.  If anyone in UK knows of a supplier please let me know, you can't even get it on amazon.  Think I paid about 80 dollars for 2x Kirkland 200 tabs last time which is crazy when I was paying around 20 dollars 12 months ago.


Edited, just checked the actual price I paid..

That’s unbelievable what you pay, We don’t have much of a choice, not too much meds out there that work like immodium. Good luck, hopefylully the cost will decrease for you


To reply to the original question - yes I am appalled at the increase in cost. Even the imodium without the simethicone has increased this much. My insurance won't pay for loperamide anymore and the generic imodium has increased. When you take 6-7 per day you go thru  200 quickly. 

I have been getting them from ebay- the Kirkland Cosco brand. 

The post about "homeless or living at the poverty level" is nasty. It doesn't help anyone to be judgemental and arrogant.

I see the comment about only those being "homeless or living at the poverty level" has been deleted.  That's good, thanks.  

My Costco keeps running out. I'm 50 / 50 this year when I go in. It is still very cheap, which is great, it is fairly crucial for my life and other options are much more expensive. I feel like a conspiracy theorist even saying this but I think getting the bulk packages at cheap prices from Costco may be going by the way side. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've literally got friends picking it up for me whenever they go. 

I just bought 200 on ebay for just under $30, free shipping. I agree about it being crucial. It just makes me mad that a year or so back they cost $5. It's a function of supply and demand with greed factored in. I have no idea how many people use to get high but heard it was hundreds of them blended in a blender, yuk...

 Now they keep it behind the register at the pharmacy at my Costco, so you have to ask for it and pay separately.  

I purchase Smithicone on Amazon and get the chewable.  It's way cheaper for me since I use to get it at Dollar store but they don't carry it anymore.  I think if you purchased them separately it may be cheaper.  I paid $11.11 for 300 chewable.  I hope this may help you out.                                  

Simethicone is an anti forming agent that works on swallowed air, Beano works on digestive gas from fermenting foods, loperomide is a bowel slower and fibre is a bulking agent. All have their uses and they can be taken together as the effects stack, although some people don't get on some treatments so with testing then individually first

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