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Reply to "Immodium price increase"

I am taking Lomotil instead of Immodium it works for me ,immodium is low acting..

Are you okay with the surgery you that had ? I hag the same thing but till now I am still not comfortable with. when I had the diarrhea my lower extremities were feeling sore that I could not remain standing for a longer time and sit too.also you might laugh at this but there are times when I am using the bathroom, a loud noise would come out (flatulence) and it was embarrassing. there was a time there are these young teen agers who were there and the one who was washing her hands on the sink yelled at her friend almost laughing and said" Is that you ?" and of course the friend said she was not the one! It is so embarrassing! And I can not blame themi would alsodo the same if I were them but not like that!!!

I followed the exercises they told me to do .ut this is how it is..

I can not sleep over at my relatives house or sister's house when I come for a visit because of that.. I can not go out to dinner for a date also. I have been having this issues for four years now!

How do yo deal with. I read your profile and we seem like have the same medical procedure. I have done mine in New Jersey. Please let me know so I can at least have ideas from other people.

I met a person from a seminar and I tried ask for his phone number so at least I can compare y issues and concerns and at least I will be able to know how to handle it but he was not cooperative at all. 

Anyway, thank you ..

he sound it made I guess is because our anus was not original anymore. still , I can not even go out on a date or sleep over at my sister's /brother's or friends house..

How do you deal with it? 

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