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This is from Sue Sheppherd and Dr Peter Gibson latest Fodmap book: The Low FODMAP Diet, 2013
Caffeine is a stimulant and in susceptible people can make the digestive tract work faster sometimes leading to loose stools or diarrhea. it is best to limit caffeine based beverages to e.g. no more than 3 medium strenght cups a day and to spread it out over the day.
Alcohol depends on the fructose load. Dry wine has min sugar and is not a problem ,but no sweet, sparkling or dessert wine.
Beer, ale and stout which all contain gluten are not suitable for people with celiac disease but are ok for people on low FODMAP diet. Spirits except rum are ok. BUT be careful with mixers. Limit to 2 glasses per sitting.
Take care
I drink coffee. I am not living my life removing everything I love, and I love coffee. I can only really tolerate starbucks lattes though I found out. Might be an acid thing. Those over processed one pod systems mess me up big time.

I don't really drink, I also can't get drunk at all or get a buzz after having my colon yanked so I think it is sort of pointless. I drink stouts only on a rare occasion, due to how it is made compared to regular beer that causes me great gas and distress.
Thanks to all for your feedback. I am starting this FODMAP diet and so far I feel better with a little less frequency and urgency. i have eliminated glutens and lactose and cut caffeine, drinking 3/4 decaf 2 cups a day. No headaches yet! I am going to try no beer for a week, just wine and then add the beer back. My appetite for alchohol is down since surgery 3 yrs ago, the most I will have is a beer or glass of wine. thanks again to all.
I can't bring myself to give up coffee either. I drink 2 or 3 cups a day, in the morning. I try to drink caffeine free sodas but I break that rule at the slightest provocation.

From what I understand, caffeine is not the only colonergenic in coffee, so even decaf is a gut stimulant.

I don't drink, so I can't comment on that except to say that I read somewhere that Dr. Chen recommends a glass of wine at bedtime to introduce acid to the gut. Not sure of the science behind that, or if it is true that Dr. Chen recommends it. Just one of those things you come across while waiting for the porn to download.


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