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The main thing is to expect things to be tough for the first few months. Don’t plan on any long drives or demanding social events for at least a month before you get the hang of how your gut is responding. You will know pretty quick which foods cause you trouble. You won’t need to swear off them, just reintroduce them later on.

If your gut is slow to wake up, fear not. It will in time.

You will do great!


I am 9 months post takedown....yes the first few months were hard...there will be some moments that the takedown seems to have been a bad choice......DONT get WILL get better.. I still have a rough day here and there but I am sooooo much better than when I had that bag of DOOM.....take your time to heal....take food slow....and remember...even without the BAG you shouldn’t eat the yellow snow....

Good luck Doug!!!! I appreciate all the times that we talked publicly and privately. You were always nice and respectful to me which I definitely appreciate!  You never judged anything I said and you appreciated me helping a lot. You being so nice is going to make your J-pouch so nice too You are going to do amazing at Takedown! It will be hard at first but we will help you through it! Let us know how everything goes after

If you are going to be a 9%er, we 9%ers will help you through it! Especially Ryan and I

Good luck my friend

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