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I’m having what I think is extreme gas pain. I’ve had this before and they do a scan and it’s not an obstruction, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that. But man, it’s excruciating. I’m at work now and it’s been going on since 8 when I got here. I actually have my annual physical a at 2pm so I’m hoping to just go to that and go home, but dang…it’ll be hard to even drive like this. Idk what to do…

I’ve tried hot water and usually laying down helps but can’t really do that now. Just took a gas ex. It’s so bad.

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If you lie on your right side sometimes you can get the gas to release.  Sometimes it works on the left side, too.  I usually try to go upside down when I have gas, though when it hurts like that, it might be too high in the GI tract to get it out that way.

Sorry you're going through this!  I have never had GasX work for me, but some people swear by it.

I was able to get home and lay down and it helped a lot- practically took the pain away. I just hate with this happens - I just never know when it will occur. And with my small child, I have to explain to her that mama needs to rest bc I have a tummy ache. She just doesn’t get it.

anyway, doc listened to my bowel sounds and she said stuff is still moving so no worry about an obstruction. So since that was her diagnosis, I decided to head home and tough it out. If it got horrible I could take an oxy but I didn’t need it.

I think back to prior to my surgery. Yea I was going a TON, but I didn’t have all these other problems… it’s like you swap one thing for another. At least I’m not going in my pants all the time. There’s that.

You can definitely use an inversion table for upside down stuff.  Low/no tech options include yoga poses: downward dog is one that qualifies and is pretty accessible to most people, however it doesn't work as quickly as handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand in my experience. 

Twists definitely help with overall digestion in my experience. Here is a list of yoga poses that are supposed to help with gas that are pretty easy to do unlike the completely upside down poses I mentioned above.'ll%20want%20to%20do,your%20knees%20to%20your%20chest.

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