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I’m on humira, so I have to be a little more careful about where I go....needing flu shot. I’m contemplating doctors office or CVS. I try avoid both if I can, especially The pharmacy since I live in a relatively large city. Which do you think is my best bet? Less germs, quickest in and out- I’m thinking doc office..

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I got mine at CVS, but I had to be there anyway and there was no wait. If there had been a significant wait I'd have tried another time. The keys for indoor exposures are the number of people, mask compliance, and duration. Some places are doing drive-through flu shots, so that could be your safest bet if you can find one.

I had my flu shot and Shingles vaccine part 1 (which is called Shingrex) back to back as a "vaccine doubleheader" or "vaccine double whammy", if you choose, at Rite Aid. Both shots in same arm one after the other, flu first and then shingles.  I know the pharmacist well and she gave me my past shots as well.  Rite Aid (at least the one I go to) has a special vaccination room segregated from the rest of the pharmacy so you are isolated and have total privacy.  I am supposed to get part 2 of Shingrex in 2-6 months, they said they would call me.  I had the chicken pox as a kid so that virus is "dormant" in my body and doesn't need to come back as Shingles. I actually have some very small scars from my bout with chicken pox as a kid.

BTW Shingrex is not a live vaccine so you can take it while on Remicade.

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We’ll be going to Walgreens on Monday near where I live.  I have to get my Shingrex vaccine also.  I might just get both at the same time.  I had shingles when I was in Rehab after hospital stay due to major flair, but it was caught early and treated right away so it was pretty mild.   Not something I want to chance again.

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