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Plain psyllium husk doesn’t taste great, but some folks do use it plain. The “standard” dose is one level teaspoon in 8 ounces (about 240 ml) of water. I use it twice daily, with breakfast and dinner, but it can be used three times a day if you like. It is important to shake it up to mix it properly instead of trying to stir it into the water, so you’ll need a good container for shaking it.

I have my dear husband shake it vigorously with ice & diet cranberry raspberry juice 3x a day. Either drink it quickly or be prepared to add more liquid or spoon it like applesauce - it thickens up very fast! I was really frustrated with frequent & loose, acidic feeling movements until I started using it a couple of years ago. It's seriously changed everything for me!

Enterin,  I actually The psyllium powder, where the husk/shell has been ground down to a very fine powder.  There are great ways above on examples of use!

I have for most of 13 years am 95% loose stools.  So my use is a measuring tsp In 8 oz of cold or cooler water (no warm tap as it thickens it quickly and can cause choking problems).   I use 3 to 4 times a day.  Definitely Before I drink my coffee, so it has something to bind to and before meals as others shared. 🤗

Now, I stopped taking it in pill because my stomach passed them too quickly and they tried to dissolve in my ilium and formed a blockage! Scary and painful was blessed hand massage, gently over 3 hours I got it to pass.   I still have some strictures that can cause blockages, so I just always pay attention if there is any pain in gut.  Good luck!

I am a firm believer in psyllium. I probably take more than most do.  A heaping tablespoon in a bit - just less than 1/4 of a cup maybe - of warm water four times per day.  The warm water does make it thicken quickly but I've not had any difficulties with choking (the famous last words ha ha). When I was in Cuba (back in another lifetime when I travelled) I bought the pre filled geletin capsules thinking it would be easier. I spent the whole holiday with very loose stool and as a result ( as is the case with me) a very active rv fistula. Not good for a relaxing holiday.

As evidenced by all of the replies, it looks like it's a matter of experimenting to see what works and doesn't work for you. Best of luck with it.

I wonder what a Surgeon or Gastroenterologist recommends their children take to help study or before a sport they play.I think sodium,psyllium husk and electrolytes maybe but I'm not they recommend whey protein or creatine?I'm finding being in the sun helps alot as well,I am thinking of taking vitamin d and zinc supplements.

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