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Hello need some inputs about using Prilosec through prescription. Had to get my sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy due to traces of blood in stools. i was  told i have acid reflux, thought I don't have any symptoms. i am asked to take Prilosec 40 mg for 2 months. Is it safe to take, are there any other alternatives?

I have j pouch since 2017 due to dysplasia so far i am doing good.

thank you all for the wonderful support

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There are lots of alternatives, but omeprazole (Prilosec) is often a reasonable choice. I was on it for a long time for maintenance. When it began to lose effectiveness I switched to pantoprazole. That, too will probably lose effectiveness at some point.

One thing to watch out for with Prilosec is an acid rebound when it’s time to stop (this probably isn’t unique to Prilosec). I honestly don’t know if two months is long enough to cause this, but the worst reflux I’ve ever had was when I was trying to stop Prilosec - I ended up backing off very, very, slowly, and was more successful when I replaced it with Zantac temporarily. Zantac (the original one) is no longer available, but it had no rebound. Tagamet would probably work similarly to Zantac, if it turned out to be necessary. YMMV.

I have been on Gerd meds for years.  I have had to change several times due to side effects after time (Nexium) and some non effective. The Dr's say u shouldn't be on these for long term and took me off  and I had terrible heartburn again.  So they had me take Pepcid which is less harmful but too many breakthroughs.  I am back on Omeprazole and they wanted it to be only a month or two, it's over 1 yr again.  I don't think I can get off it.  It's a double edge sword.  I need to feel good in the moment so I am staying on it. 

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