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12 years out from original surgery for Jpouch. For the last year I have had small bowel obstruction every 3 months or less. It’s getting harder and harder to get over them. I have had four hospital stays just this year. Afterwards I am sore for about two weeks! I’m starting to get nervous that this will lead to more serious situation.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated,


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Are you still seeing your J-pouch surgeon? Most of the time the situation you describe is caused by adhesions. In any case, thoughtful discussion with a surgeon could help you think through the pros and cons of trying to fix this problem surgically (“lysis of adhesions”). It’s not a straightforward decision: sometimes the surgery helps, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it makes things worse.

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In 2011, I started getting kinks at the adhesion where the stoma was. This was about 7 years after the reconstruction.  Then they would come every 2 or 3 years.  Within the last 3 years, however, they started happening much more frequently, like every 6 months or more.  I started taking psyllium before meals (a heaping teaspoon with 8 oz water) and that seemed to tone my intestines: I could really feel a change.  It felt like they had become flaccid (and easier to kink) and the psyllium gave them a gentle workout.  I haven't had any of those annoying and painful episodes in the last year and a half since I started the psyllium.  I can't be sure it's not a coincidence, of course, but thought I would share anyway.

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I used to have obstructions every few years in maybe a 12-year period. For the last one, I had to have emergency surgery because my bloodwork indicated ischemia.  Once I was opened up, they found that my intestine was twisted. They thought maybe that was my problem all along. It's been 10 years and, knock wood, I  haven't had an obstruction since. I wish you the best outcome!

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