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Hi, I've been experiencing unbearable pains/ cramps a few centimeters inside the anus, at first they thought some sort of cuffitis, scopy ruled that out, pouch looked superhealthy, Then some muscle relaxants begause they thought nerve damage from surgery.

And now with all the symptoms combined we've arrived at overactive (hypertonic) pelvic floor muscles.

I'm getting in with a specialised Physio, but this will only be in 7 days,

As we all know when it hurts this bad, 7 days seems like a year from now. Is there anyone that could redirect me to some online info about excercises already, so I could already start on my own.

To be Clear: I'm male and my pelvic floor muscles are too tight, as in they somehow forgot to stop contracting,


Nikias from Belgium

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I have the same, at times quite awful. The top two things that have helped me the most:

1.  Go to a physical therapist that is qualified to dry needle the pelvic floor.  It made a world of difference for me. I moved last year and can’t find anyone local, which is terribly disappointing  

2. Buy a squatty potty. They are sold on Amazon and other online sources.  Also incredibly helpful.

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