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3-Dimensional Pouchography: A Proof-of-Concept Study of a Novel Technique for Visualizing Ileoanal Pouch Anatomy & Morphology in Normal and Mechanical Pouch Complication Patients”

They even included someone with megapouch! (I have megapouch.)

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@Rayanna8 posted:

My UC progressed to toxic mega colon which is rare.  I’m wondering if you had mega colon? And this may have made you more susceptible to mega pouch? Or are they unrelated ?

As far as I know, they are unconnected. I didn’t have mega-colon, and it’s not mentioned in the research paper on megapouch by Shen and Sashi as a risk factor. So I don’t think you are at any greater risk of getting megapouch than the general j-pouch population.

I’m sorry to hear you had mega-colon. Did that complicate surgery?

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