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I’ve just become diabetic. I have such a pouch that is happy, eating white carbs. White bread, white rice, white pasta, and sugar of course no problem. Potato, sweet potato banana. No problem. Anything else I have to eat in small bits. If I have some broccoli I eat plain foods for 24 hours, forget having a salad,  forget berries, etc. no nuts or seeds. I’m looking at these diabetic recipes and they’re all written for someone without a J pouch like this… Anyone have any good recipes, tips or ideas? The doctor say yeah with that type of diet it’s gonna be mainly drugs. It gets your numbers down and I really don’t want to get another set of pills to my regime as I already rattle when I walk. Advice welcome !! thank you.

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Have you tried anything that might allow you to eat a wider range of foods, such as Metamucil?

Also, with the foods you listed as your mainstays, are you vegetarian? The reason I ask is that lowering carbohydrate and increasing protein can be a good strategy (obviously depending on your doctor’s advice). But increasing protein can be take a bit of thought for vegetarian j-pouchers that have to avoid legumes.

I eat a wider range of foods than you, although still avoiding high insoluble fiber foods, and have been trying to lower my carbohydrate intake for another reason (not diabetes). It isn’t easy, plus I am vegetarian. I even tried to go back to eating meat and fish, but just couldn’t do it.

You can see my recent thread about acarbose. If you are prescribed that, do start slowly and cautiously, ditto with any medication that has diarrhoea as a possible side effect.

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