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Hi! I am 8 months post op and after some difficulties, things have finally settled down and are working well for me. Thus my Dr. agrees that I can try out some more dangerous foods carefully. My favorite food in the world is popcorn and I have not had it for 5 years so for my 30th birthday in July I want to try eating popcorn. A friend in my group had heard that people tried the so called "hulless" popcorn but had never tried it herself. So anyone out there tried it? Is it soft enough, does the oil its cooked in matter? Did anyone find any other successful ways to safely indulge in popcorn?

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Erin - I think many people are surprised that when they finally try popcorn there are no problems. I eat popcorn all the time. Huge, huge amounts at one sitting. I've never had a problem with popcorn. I buy the Costco size container - you know, the container that's as big as a Mack truck.

I would tell you to go get that popcorn right now. But I think it would be even more celebratory to wait until your birthday and make a big deal out of it! A popcorn themed party seems very appropriate.

If you have reservations, go with the hulless (I've never tried it). I don't do air poppers because I like a bit of olive oil flavoring my popcorn (type of oil shouldn't matter at all). And microwave popcorn just doesn't taste as good.

My friend just told me how she does her popcorn - in a frying pan. I can't tell you how much better that works. Who knew? Almost every single kernal pops.

And after you've found that you're perfectly good with popcorn it's time to move on to very fresh kettle corn. Salt and sugar - yum!

(So if you can't wait until July, go for it right this minute.)

kathy Big Grin
I don't get the hulles even though I should, it is better for your teeth. I found out I can eat popcorn with my BCIR at an awesome restaurant called Salt&Fat in NYC. They bring out popcorn popped in bacon greese instead of bread! Another way I pop it is now in coconut oil. All natural and the flavor with the coconut is really good!

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