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@Drbev603 posted:

OMG! Duck11 your response is so helpful! I feel so bad that you had to go through all that! This was my only blockage 🙏 so far but I'm not sure that I KNOW when it is starting to reverse it! This time with the salad I felt really gassy and laid down. I tried going potty thinking that would relieve it but didn't  The blockage got worse on it's own! Within 2 hours I was in fetal position on my way 2 ER. I didn't notice any other warnings. What were your SIGNS? Was your blockage at the COLLAR? Do you know what the surgeons did to correct your problem. Thanks so much for sharing! I know you are helping alot of us!🙏❤

For me the signs were pain and just feeling really awful, always in the same place so as soon as I felt it starting I knew to switch to liquids, but it didn’ t always work…….The pain was sharp and constant, and I’d feel nauseas with it, and generally couldn’t pass any stool.  The surgeons lysed adhesions and gave me a diverting ileostomy (I asked for one as I was done with dealing with the problems). I still need more surgery to figure out what to do with the disconnected j pouch, but I’m super healthy again now and can deal with that later.when my kids are older. I had to go through blockages nearly 3 years before they would operate. The last year I was admitted to hospital once or twice a month with blockages for 9 months strait, lost 35 pounds and had to quit working, so it had to get that severe before they’d take action because of the risks. It’s a terrible situation when there isn’t a clear cure and/or surgery could make it worse! That’s why I opted for a stoma. I said I’d never get one again in a million years but when you suffer like that you’ll do anything to make it stop, so here I am 🙃 and very happy with the choice.

@melissa111 posted:

I wonder if they ever take care of a blockage by suctioning it out with a endoscope, if it is close enough to your anus that they could get the scope up the where the blockage is. That's what I always imagined they'd do, but I guess they don't?

I get blockages a lot, have for 20 years.  The best results I’ve had are when the GI does a scope with balloon and stretches open the stricture that the food has packed up against.  They don’t suction it out, but once the pipe is opened … it works 😀.  Usually I go to the ER, get on morphine for the crazy pain, get in a bed, and then have the scope after a couple days to see if it clears on its own first.

Thats a pretty recent development though for me.  For years prior it was an NG tube and time.  I’ve not heard of the contrast and magnesium before.  

NG tubes are the worst though.  My total blockages resolve themselves after a few days in the hospital on pain control.  Partial blockages usually resolve at home on Percocet.  Frankly I’d rather wait it out than NG.  I once had an NG in for three weeks waiting for a blockage to clear..maybe that “scarred” me mentally from ever wanting one again heh.  After that amount of time salt crystals and dried snot were forming on the tube and ripping up my sinus and nose internally.  Not to mention the awful back of your throat choking sensation.

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