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I had a total colectomy and my rectum removed, since the take-down I have had problems with liquid stool and gas.

I have noticed that I can expel an impressive amount of gas by laying in the fetal position on my knees with my head down and butt in the air and pushing gas out. Clenching my anus and releasing gas, over and over and over. It is very relieving and I feel "empty" after doing this, especially after having a large bowel movement. It is also an inconvenience as I can only do this at home, and put a towel down with a cleaning rag ready to use on the wall afterwards. Sometimes I have to do this before a BM to clear up gas pockets that may be blocking stool. If I push on/massage my stomach in this position it lets even more gas out.

However, at some point the gas should stop or ease up. It doesn't it keeps coming and keeps coming. I could pass gas almost nonstop for over an hour on command at any given time and I have before.

Is it possible, that in this position I may actually be sucking air back into my body through my anus? Think of a lung, then think of a Whoopi Cushion. It doesn't take any sort of extra muscles or movement for the Whoopi cushion to take in air after it is compressed, maybe the same is happening to my pouch? I think to myself that there is no way my body can hold that much gas. Does anyone else have this issue? Could I be sucking in air through my anus and re-passing it, creating a cycle?

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I would also blame it on a kind of bacterial overgrowth. Sometimes I was going to bed at night and could pass gas every some minutes. A bathroom trip could resolve that. Otherwise it would not stop until bacteria had finished their 'meal'. That's why I don't eat about 5 or 6 hours before sleep.

It should be a lot better when you take antibiotics(?)

It can also help to cut down sugar, not to overeat and to have a cup of herbal tea with a meal.

Instead of butt in the air you could try to lie flat on your front.  Bend your knees (feet in the air) and lean your legs left then right (slowly). Occaisonally lower your legs to the floor (relaxing moves things along too)

As well as manipulating the pouch with your muscles, the act of pressing against the floor helps massage the area too.  You can even try sliding a hand under a particuarl part of your stomach to apply a bit more pressure.

I find i get much more out and in a totally controlled way.

You need more space of course, but as its safer i find i can do it in any quet room fully clothed (kitchen floor, on a bed even on a setee although theres less room).

I have had a j pouch for approx 39 years-I had some problems with pouchitis, etc-a few years ago I went to Cleveland Clinic and saw Dr Bo Shen-who has since left there and went to NYC-I had a variety of testing done and it was shown that my pouch was stretched out and I was prescribed pelvic floor therapy and to stop taking NSAIDS for joint pain-Dr Shen felt like the NSAIDS damaged my pouch.The pelvic floor therapy was helpful-o still use it today.I have been having large amounts of gas that causes me to experience abdominal discomfort and nausea. I do not know why I started to have so much gas-after I eat anything I have abdominal distention and need to use the bathroom to expel the gas. I have also found the need to change position to expel the gas-after reading other peoples experiences I realized I am not alone in this. I am now living near Huntsville Alabama and there are no specialists that deal with J pouch problems here-I am now thinking of trying a probiotic to see if that helps decrease the gas. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear from you.

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