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Last night I had a blockage that started at at 7 pm and didn’t resolve until 8 am this morning. I have had my J pouch for 30 years and luckily don’t get these often but when I do I try to stay home as long as possible ( unless I can’t stop vomiting and then get dehydrated)….just wondering what things help others when this happens.  

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@Chook2 - in what way?

@Shellie - blockages suck so much.  I’d love to know too.  I’ve had many over the past 30 years of pouching.  Several have sent me to the hospital when the pain gets too much.  For at home I take Percocet and try to ride it out.  I’ll sip on water but not much else.  I find that the pain seems less if I sit up, leaned back in a chair or couch rather than laying flat.  Alternatively it seems laying on my stomach with my torso propped up, like reading a book in bed, seems to help too and seems to “open up” my abdomen and intestinal tract.  I’ll often pass a little gas or fluid after staying in this position for a while, and every little bit helps.  Finally, I have a “go bag” list of stuff to collect when I feel like I’m getting close to going in to the ER.  I always end up spending a few days, so I like to have a tablet, phone, chargers, toothbrush, kindle, etc.

Good luck!!

Thank you for those ideas!!

I ended up using Diazepam (Valium) that I had from a time I threw my back out. I figured if it relaxed my back muscles it would also relax my intestines. Then you forget how sore you are for days afterwards I could barely stand up straight because I still had so much residual pain even after everything passed through.
last night I took a THC gummy (I live in a state where I have a medical license ) which helped me relax enough and fell asleep and today I feel so much better!!

Oh edibles is a great idea, thanks for that idea.  Yeah not only is the blockage pain awful, then the loss of appetite and bloated soreness for days afterwards is bad too.  I don’t think there’s much to do about it unfortunately, except lay around in pain, anxious about timing for getting to the hospital.  My hospital ride is roughly 45 mins so it’s long enough that I’m always trying to judge the “escalation”.

The Percocet does help some by slowing down gut motility along with the pain relief.  It’s usually not enough to totally be pain free but it turns the volume down on it.

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