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Hello.  I use an anal catheter and it works well.  The problem is that I cannot find them anymore.  Even they place where I bought them don't have them anymore, they don't even know what I'm talking about.  Its basically the same as an urinal catheter but bigger.  Anyone know where I can buy one?  Thanks

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Thank you very much.  I always had the transparent one.  I don't know of any stores (in the US or Canada) that sell a 30 French Foley.  They sell 15 and it is way too small, are you sure a 30 would be big enough?  Would you know of any places?  And thank you so much for all the informations!  It was a nurse who gave it to me some 10 years ago.  I am adding a photo of my old one with a quarter.


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  • Anal catheter: Can't find them anymore.  New they are transparent.

Thank you Deb C.  I'll try them.  I need mine now because the hole they made between my anus and my J pouch (inside me) is getting too small.  I could go for another dilatation, but the last time they perforated my intestine.  So I prefer to use a catheter and be super careful about what I eat (no nuts or raw veggies or fruits or potato skin, or mushrooms etc...) they all tend to get stuck.  Thanks again!

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