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My specialist has suggested that I try acarbose, but we agree that the GI side effects (gas, diarrhoea) could be hard on a j-pouch.

Has anyone taken acarbose successfully?

I know I just need to try it and see, but I had an unpleasant episode a couple of weeks ago and am feeling reluctant about stressing my insides with anything new.

(The reason for taking the acarbose is autonomic dysfunction, not anything to do with my j-pouch.)

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Just in case anyone looks this up in future, I advise caution with this medication (or similar, e.g. miglitol).

I had a bad reaction to it and ended up being unwell for several days. It took a me over a week to recover from a single day’s dosages.

If you do try this class of drug, take one dose with one meal and then wait 48 hours to see whether you tolerate it. Probably best to take half or quarter of the recommended dose too.

If you tolerate it, well and good, you can gradually increase up to your doctor’s instructions. If you don’t tolerate it, at least you won’t have taken three doses in a day that start to make themselves felt 12 hours later and make you miserable for days.

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