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Fecal Incontinence

7 years after take-down I still have nightly accidents.   Examined for pouchitis but that is not the problem.  Any advice, similar situations?   I have a friend who has similar problem with urination but he got a mechanical implant to help.  Docs tell me no similar device exists for fecal incontinence.

Yes, there is such a device
No, there is no device
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I've had my ouch for 18 years and never had a problem with this until the past two years or so. I use Imodium more often now (never ever used it before despite being advised to), and watch what I consume. Sugary foods or drinks are usually the culprits. 

I have had a j pouch for thirteen years and the nightly problem for at least 10 years.  Having a good bowel movement before going to bed and stopping your eating after 7-8 pm is helpful.  I'm taking  a 4 billion probiotic that I have purchased from CVS which also helps.

It depends upon when I eat and drink. If I drink wine and don't eat right away then I have problems at night. My cycle time for food digestion through the small intestine is 5 hours. I try to eat early enough that I have more than 5 hours after I eat before I go to bed.


i have a j pouch so I realize that wine, broccoli, and any thing gaseous is not good to consume before bed. 





Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is mainly down to several factors...

1) how much rectal cuff they left (this changes your sensitivity levels and night time continence)

2) If you ever had any stretching of the anastamosis right at the rectum

3) If you go to bed on a full stomach

4) if you take anything like codiene phosphate to slow things down.

I had a problem with my scar area closing, making going to the toilet difficult. After a few sessions of stretching it out, then a FINAL mega session where they must have really gone to town, I ended up having a few incidents as I think I lost a little sensitivity, or something like that.

Codiene phosphate is a GODSEND, forget loperamide, its useless compared to the codiene. With the above, I can go to the toilet nearly as little as 2/3 times a day, its a life changer and helps with any night time issues too.


I've been a poucher for almost 4 yrs now. I've had this issue for the entire time however it has slowly gotten better over the years. Right away it was almost a nightly occurrence, my Dr told me to use pads, which overtime I got sick of buying so I switched to folded up TP. Slowly the accidents decreased and now  it is a rare occurrence as long as I go empty out right before bed and I kinda use the TP still as a habit and a precaution. I also find that some accidents now a days are self inflicted for nights of heavy beer drinking.

I have the same problem and have been searching for a solution.  i would love to know of one if there is one.  it seems so strange that I don't have the problem during the day but at night I have a problem and have had it for a couple of years now.  Dr. attributes it to pouchitis so I am on long term antibiotics which I am not pleased about and still have the incontinence.

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