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I'm still pretty new to the J pouch and gotten to a place where I go btw 5-8 times a day with regular Imodium and metamucil use.

There are times though where I still go within about an hr of my last bm. In my job I have to be travelling by car and it does get me worried a bit that i will have to go when I'm out. Sometimes I'm with clients and can't really pull over.

Are there things people do to prepare for times they are out for a while without access to bathrooms? Like eat less before and take Imodium, etc

Thank you!

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I can't help but think you might have some excess motility especially if you observe frequent BMs after eating. It's very common with new J pouches. Anti spasmodic drugs can be your friend. Imodium isn't the drug to be taking in dealing with motility issues, although some people who have frequent BMs due to excess motility throw Imodium at the problem. If your symptoms are due to motility issues, anti spasmodic drugs like Bentyl, levsin and donnatal will better target the source of the symptom and stop it.

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I usually take Lomotil at bedtime only, but if I’m going somewhere that makes bathroom use very difficult or impossible (e.g. a boat) then I’ll take one or two Lomotil before heading out. I haven’t generally done this before a car trip, since there are usually more choices available behind the wheel, but bodies and circumstances differ.

I did quite a bit of business travel for years after my takedown, often traveling with coworkers and clients. What worked for me was sticking with food I knew I could tolerate (learning the hard way that road trips are not the time to experiment with new foods), eating lightly, avoiding alcohol and desserts when others are indulging, taking Imodium, and being totally shameless about asking for pit stops. Good luck!

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