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Hi I have a J-Pouch for 24 years also have FAP with Gardners Syndrome which has effected my Ampulla area and ended up having the Ampulla removed but continued to have polyps and now to the point it is on my pancreas as low-grade dysplasia and need to have a Whipple procedure and was wondering if anyone has had this procedure with a J-Pouch?

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im surprised your dr wants to operate on you with only low grade dysplasia and not high grade present

i have low grade stomach dysplasia with a normal no polyped ampulla

i have fap, im 45 with a single stage jpouch constructed on october 15 2001, so the jpouch is 22

im being followed at a cancer institution/hospital locally by an interventional gastroenterologist. we are watching me and i see a surgical oncoligist at u of p downtown philly.

i would question this dr why he wants to operate for low grade dysplasia versus finding you an interventional gastroenteroligist who can remove your dysplasic polyps through endoscopic mucosal resection or endoscopic submucosal dissection

it may be premature to have surgery over just being closely followed.

back in the day they used to remove fap patients  and only offer permanant ileos now they offer interventional procedures to remove mucosa/tissue endoscopically

best wishes


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