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Going through a stretch now where it seems like bowel movements are non-stop and around the clock.  Lots of urgency and lots of the loud motor-sounding action when i go.  These are the times when using a bidet toilet or portable squeeze-bottle bidet for most of my trips to the restroom is a necessity.

My diet hasn't changed from the ordinary.  I am going through some personal stuff and that could play a role.

Bottom line is my weight is down 8-10lbs over the past month or so.  I just can't seem to keep anything in my digestive system for very long lately.

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I know I may sound ridiculous.

It could be what was mentioned.

But you mentioned stress.  Personal stuff. That's stressful.

Although I had uc all my stress manifested itself to my gut and made it act as it did. 

In hindsight I know that now.

It made my colon and pouch go bonkers. Now that both are gone I had a perfect example of it last night. Stress. I had an episode of being stressed. I could feel it in my stomach.

Yes. I can tell the difference now. Had I had either colon or pouch now it would be goin nuts down there.

What I initially just should have said I'd don't underestimate the stress factor.   

And the other issues mentioned above.

Calm.  Calm yourself. And look into what was mentioned.

I'm rambling. So I'll shut up.


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