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So, I realize many of us were very sick prior to surgery (including me before colectomy). But, once better and moving on to step 2/3, how did you want to spend the last month/week/day before surgery?

Sometimes I think I should just nap all day (because I won't sleep well in the hospital)!

Then I think, maybe I should eat everything in sight (since my diet will be limited for a while)!

Other times I think I should party wild or travel (as I will be bedridden for some time)!

Or I should spend all day in the gym!

I don't want to overdo it or go to extremes, but I do feel like I am giving up exercise, partying, traveling, eating good foods by getting this surgery, so I should live it up beforehand. Why do I feel I won't be able to do these things again? I think I am reading online too much.

I look at the food in the grocery aisle and think I shouldn't even buy it because I won't be able to eat it. Ice cream, ketchup, cookies, fried chicken.... then I get depressed.

Why not keep the ostomy, I ask myself? Is it worth it? I don't know.

all I know is if I sit still, I drive myself crazy and get scared thinking about surgery Razzer
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My advice is do it all! Eat what your body is comfortable with. I'm having my takedown in 2 weeks and having pizza tonight as I know it will be a long time if ever again that I eat pizza. I never really got my strength back to full speed so I only do very light exercise but if you're well enough get as strong as possible and keep up the exercise as surgery 2 is suppose to be tough..definitely get out and about as much as you can..good luck to you
I agree with all above! Especially the eating part. I lost 30 lbs so don't worry about the weight gain if there is any with an ileo. I actually had the 30lbs to spare Smiler Now down to the weight I wanted to be. I have eaten pizza but mainly the white pizza, not sure if the tomato sauce would bother me or not!! I thought I would be better off with the ostomy too, but 7 weeks post op from takedown I know that is not true by any means. You will do so much more than you ever thought possible once you recover from takedown. Today I have cut grass, weeded, walked etc.... I just do it at my own pace, when I get tired or my stomach feels tight, I stop and rest! Just listen to your body after surgery, and please keep us posted on how things go. There are thousands of people who have had this surgery who are not posting, they are out living their lives to the fullest. Thankfully we have those who are long time j-pouchers who keep us informed and have the newbies like myself who post, This site has been a godsend to me!!
It's 17 days until my daughter's surgery - she's 20 and has really suffered with UC particularly in the past 9 months or so - she is eating whatever is not nailed down, although she can't eat a lot, she gets full pretty easily - she is going to go to a party two days before, she figured it would be her last hurrah for a month or so. once she is into recovery she has to concentrate on getting better so she can go back to school. She has also suffered a severe hair loss and she's looking forward to it growing back!!
It's definitely good to live in the moment and not stress yourself out over what tomorrow will bring. On the other hand it is wise to be prepared so you can achieve your goals for tomorrow. That being said, I too am soon to have take down after waiting over a year to have it. For me I feel it is important to nourish my body with healthy food choices, supplements and exercise to prepare my body for healing. I would rather go in feeling strong, healthy and ready than to feel bloated and tired.

All the best with your up and coming surgery.

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