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Has anyone experienced a weak Urine Stream post J Pouch?
I've had my pouch for 17 years and it seems like the muscles that control the urine stream also control preventing a bowel movement. Perhaps over time, this need to perform both simultaneously, is starting to have an effect on the Urination function.
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same here but i also had painful incomplete urine problems after j-pouch creation. that seemed to fade now. i told my doc and he said its from dehydration and showed me an image that made sense. i started drinking more even though i already drank a ton and it did improve. i think being catheterized during surgery didnt help the issue.

I've had my pouch for 25 years and the last 4-6 years my stream has become very weak. I am on a good deal of medication including oxycodone which my urologist feels is. Partial cause. Main problem is that the pouch and bladder are closely located and when I try to urinate it triggers the pouch to evacuate. I'm 47 and considering removing he pouch as I've Been struggling with pouchitis for a long time.
Since my takedown in October 2011 I have always told my GI that it seems so hard to pee. I have to push really hard to go pee, which in return makes a bowl movement. So basically I pee only when I need to move my bowls.

Dr has only suggested that it my be inflammation pushing against the bladder causing it to not evacuate accurately.

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