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I had my takedown done in 2013.  In 2021 I had an infection in the jpouch that turned septic and I spent 5 days on a vent.  So I know when some thing is wrong.  I called GI Wednesday and he just  said it’s a stomach bug or virus.  Thursday at work my legs were so weak and still water diarrhea.  Called GI said go to ER.   All the cultures or still not back.  Just waiting.  Has anyone experienced this constant water for 5 days. Weak aching legs, and butt tight across tail bone.

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That’s what I thought!  Results at ER said I was well hydrated.  Dr texted me this morning all cultures have been negative so far, but he called me in an antibiotic in case there were any false negatives.  Said it could be proctitis.  We as pouchers  know our bodies and when some thing is wrong.  Something is not right.

thank you for answering!

The most common brand of psyllium is Metamucil, but there are others (e.g. Konsyl). I take it twice a day with breakfast and dinner, following the package directions. Psyllium is available as powder (coarse or smooth), capsules, and wafers. I don’t recommend capsules, since they didn’t mix adequately with stomach contents for me.

I like psyllium husk powder that is plain and I look for organic.  I don't want a bunch of other stuff in there, like sugars that they have in the mixes like metamucil. I have really noticed a difference when there are sugars and crap mixed in with the psyllium because it feels kinda yucky.  The psyllium by itself, powdered, mixed with water and gulped down immediately before it gets thick, is clean feeling. 

Here's a good one:

@roseviolet posted:

For Hoping: I used to chuckle years ago when in the hospital and the newbie doctors would rotate in to check me out. They all wanted to see my pouch. Uh. That would be a no can do. It's inside me. They had no idea what a j-pouch was.

I went to a new GI doc once.  When I told her I had a j-pouch her eyes got all glittery and fiendish and she wanted to scope it (regular colonoscopy style) so bad...I never went back.  Scary!!

I love the info y’all share!  I know they want to see it??  I’m like really?  It just irritates me!  I need to take it more lightly.  I’m SO stressed at work right now.  I wonder if that started it.  The vancomycin is helping.  If not then I get the nice semi-colonoscopy😬

And don’t you love it when you are scheduling a scope and the nurse starts trying to give all the stuff to drink?? I’m like nope don’t need that. 😂

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