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anybody on here that has fap ever been diagnosed/found to have ulcers in the pouch/cuff area?

i use canasa 1000 milligrams intermittenly for its off label use for helping with rectal irritation.

im scared as hell and been catasphrophosizing about these impending latest scopes feb 29th. i had a polyp that failed to lift during the endoscopic mucosal resection technique applied within the flex sig/pouchoscopy in october.

my gastro is interventional, im at a cancer treating hospital when i undergo my procedures. this ulcer thing is all new. in my 46 years of life now id never been diagnosed with any intestinal ulcers and the pouch is 22 years old. the pouchoscopy report from 10/10/24 said clean based ulcers meaning not producing any blood/werent bleeding

i have to also ask to ulcer looking things form after the polyps/lesion are polypectomied/removed?

i have alot of anxiety over the next scopes comming up end of this month, next week. 

we dont have alot of faper's or those that come to post, i wish that werent the case.  i dont really have family just a brother and both of my parents are deceased.



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hi michael,

the ulcers in the duodenom and stomach were clear by the next scope which was 2/29 , prior scope was 10/10/23

he didnt comment on pouch ulcers but some history/reports suggested they were in the jpouch too not just stomach and duodenom

ulcers are the least of a concern. im dealing with dysplasia in the cuff/jpouch and need advancement of the mucosa and my stomach has to go. the entire thing. total gastrectomy. not in the same day

thanks for thinking of me and asking


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