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Has any had trouble with bananas causing partial blockages or just making you feel awful? It seems when I eat a banana, I get more liquidy for a couple days and just don't feel as well. I still have my loop ileo.I keep trying because I hear it is such a great thickening food after takedown. But yesterday, I had a half of banana with a tortilla sandwich of pepperoni, ham, and cheese, with a drink. Only a little output after that and when I ate dinner (a meal I have eaten before without issue), I felt awful. Nauseous, stomach upset, almost felt like being constipated with a colon! Haven't felt that in a millennia! Felt so bad I had to leave my husband's 40th bday party early. Anyone else had these issues? Suggestions? Thx
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I think its probably an individual thing.  I personally think the banana is the best snack there is not only for the J Pouch but also to our society as a whole.  It is nutritious and rich in much needed potassium, adds bulk and at least for me, it's easy to digest.


In a recent CCFA support group meeting we identified the best working and favorite foods for our members with IBD.  Chicken and bananas were very high on the list and were mentioned by a majority of members.  Of course we only have a few members with J Pouches, all the rest have Crohn's or UC.

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There is no universal perfect food for ostomates or jpouchers. Foods that came highly recommended, for bulking, did the opposite for me.  Even 14 years out from surgery, applesauce still goes right through me and oatmeal triples my frequency.  If a particular food doesn't  work for you try it again in several weeks.  



Thanks, Sue. I kept thinking I should keep trying bananas, but have tried them about four times over the past six months, and it seems I always have trouble. Maybe it's just the food that's not going to work for me. Since you seem to have trouble with some of the typical booking foods, what are some foods that work for you?


Scott, probably sounds strange that I thought banana was the culprit, considering what I was eating. However, my output is relatively thin and I routinely eat sandwiches like this without any problem. In fact, it thickens me up to a good point. Maybe it was the combination of the sandwich with the banana...then again, I have had a half banana by itself to see what would happen, and my output turned very liquidy and slowed down and I didn't feel very well....partial blockage maybe? I was just trying to figure out some things before my take down next month that may be helpful for me in the beginning and was hoping banana could be in my arsenal. It seems to be a most everyone else's. Just wondering if I was the only one that seems to have a trouble with it. It would be nice to be able to add a fruit to the thickening options and instead of just relying on meat and potatoes basically. 

I'd personally get the blockage from the tortilla sandwich and not the banana...But we are all different.

 I find that sweet potatoes, yams, persimmons, bananas and whole grain bread thicken me the usual rice/apple sauce etc.

It is mostly trial and error and just when you think that you have it all sussed out it changes and right is wrong and wrong is right.

Keeping a food journal helps a lot.

Do not neglect writing down what you drink, the meds that you take and at what time you eat or drink them.

By the way...cough syrup and cloroseptic spray all give me the runs.


Even though this is a very old post from 2015, and it's 2024 now,  I was happy to find it when I googled "is  bananas bad for Jpouch".  I too have noticed over the years that I get worse after eating bananas especially if they are very ripe.  Yesterday I ate a super ripe banana in the morning and had a terrible day with very little control, where I even had a little poop accident. Luckily I always wear a sanitary pad, prepared for those occasions.  I don't know whether it's the higher sugar content, or something else about the banana, but the most tolerable ones are the ones that are still a bit green.
It's funny that they say that fried or fatty foods are bad for jpouchers, yet I find that it's very good for me, such as breaded cauliflower or eggplant (I'm a vegan now) as it slows down motility and actually thickens me up. 
So it seems that everyone truly is different and one must find out for themselves which foods work best and which are worst.  But it's nice to know I'm not alone in thinking this way about bananas. 
The worst thing for all of us is eating too much at a time, which I am guilty of doing, knowing I'll suffer later, but it was worth the pleasure at the time, lol.

Pre surgery, bananas gave me heartburn almost immediately, but cooked plantains were fine.

these days, they still give me heartburn and I only can eat a small portion of plantains.

if I eat fried chicken, jpouch gets very upset. So fried foods in general have to be taken in small amounts, or else.  Another food I love on the no go list.

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I had a blockage from a banana. I use to be able to eat them often. But just recently had a terrible bout after I ate one. Your body is always changing and I might have had increased inflammation. Luckily Miralax helped work its way through. But since then I can’t even look at a banana without getting sick. Everyone’s condition is  unique and I would assess more on a personalized basis

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