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hey folks ,

i had my initial consult on 3/28 with dr jeffrey farma at fox chase hospital where i live close by to

he proposed flex endoscopy exam under sedation/general anesthesia, royughly 3-4 hours in the operating room and a 2 to 3 day hospital stay following trans-anak mucosectomy, possible mucosal advancement surgery

he will exam my anus and rectum and ordered pelvic floor excerises.

the consent is in my posession (copy) which i signed during consult

theres no text indicating im in for a diverting temp loop ileo while under.

do i need to question the surgical oncologist again doing this on april 17th about the possbility of a diversion?

bleeding and incontinence were mentioned and he prescribed kegals/pelvic floor therapy and a therapist has already reached out to me from PT

he wont be doing gastrectomy until  after not in the same day

gastrectomy is 5 to 7 hours even through robot assist/davinci

i expressed i dont have the means to travel to other states for jpouch care

my gastro theer at fox chase hospital said he, dr farma would try to save my jpouch (high grade dysplasia in stomach and jpouch

i was double stapled jpouch in 2001 october, one stage surgery.

if something like an ileo isnt written on consent that legally he wouldnt be diverting me while im under for this operation  while he uses the TAMIS approach to take my rectal cuff?

a rectal cuff can really be mucosectomized transanually? via a port as its described onlinne thru the butthole?

im dealing with quite a bit and a cat scan is to follow tommorrow 4/1 of chest and abdomen and pelvis

they are looking for cancer withe my FAP illness but the blood liquid tumour profile was negative for cancer cells as per hematology

can anyone that knows something about mucosectomy chime in about the tamis operation its strictly done thru the anus

and if ileo isnt written on my consent under perform the following: is it safe to assume im not waking up with a bag?

my hemoglobin and hematocrit and well being will me monitored so he did say 2-3 days in the hospital for this

anyway, any thoughts, sympathy/empathy and well wishes appreciated. any, any feedback?

thank you


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