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I’m 26 years out from surgery. Have had no issues, have not even seen a gastroenterologist since my post op appointment in 1996. After my Covid booster I started seeing small amount of blood on my stools. Covid booster was five month ago. Now I have tailbone pain. Nothing bad just annoying. No other symptoms. Any thought?

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I had tail bone pain and went to my GP and he ran an cray but did not investigate further. I ended up with a ruptured abscess, peritonitis and sepsis. They were going to airlift me to Seattle but said they didn't think i was going to make it so i had to undergo emergency life having surgery.  I was in the hospital for 20 days.  They were going to excise my j-pouch but i did not let them.  I ended up with a temporary ileostomy.  Just had a take down surgery last December. Two years if my life i will never get back. Insist in an MRI and CT scan to look around your tail bone. You are your own best advocate when it cones to your health. Better safe than sorry. Hope things work out for you and you get some answers.

wish you the best

The Kid

Tailbone pain can be a symptom of a sinus tract from the pouch (essentially a blind fistula) and/or abscess. I’ve had a persistent sinus tract since takedown (2 partial sinusotomies and counting) and now have sacral osteomyelitis (bone infection) on IV antibiotics. The coccygeal and sacral pain is a persistent ache and my tailbone is tender when pressed on. Sitting can also be uncomfortable. It could be run of the mill tailbone pain but I would have it checked out.

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