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Hello All,
I recently started school back up from summer (finally a sophomore!) so I go a little longer than I am uncomfortable with without using the bathroom (I know bad idea but I have done this for a few years) and I was just curious what the symptoms of a partial and full blockage are. I want to be more aware of what can happen to me. What do they feel like? Can you feel them come on? What causes them? Symptoms? Thoughts? I appreciate all the answers and thoughts you all have given me
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The three times I've had blockages in 10 years resulted in localized pain - mine was above my old stoma place - and a hard knot where the pain was. Two of those, I think, were partial blockages and passed quickly after I drank lots of liquid. The last was probably a full blockage. The pain was worse and progressive. The hard knot was bigger - like a baseball, but elongated. Pain came in waves. I eventually began vomiting. Finally I felt like something untwisted and the blockage cleared. It wasn't until after that I realized it had been a blockage.
I got my first partial obstruction several weeks ago.

On a Monday, I noticed that my numbers of bms were reduced, with thicker, more solid poops.

By Wednesday, I had some strong pain right at my old stoma site. So I went to my GI late in the afternoon, and was sent to the ER

By this time, the pain had spread out across my a lower abdomen.

I am not sure what it was that caused the blockage. It wasn't dehydration or any food that I know of.

But it was good for a three day vacation at a local hospital.

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