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Does anyone get cramps for the day after eating sweet potatoes? It feels like I have trapped gas all day and seems to happen if I eat sweet potatoes.

I eat them to thicken my output as I seem to have issues with that(can’t find the middle ground. Either it is too formed or not formed enough). Any suggestions with a fiber supplement. I have taken citrucel but problem with those supplements is it is bulking but I also feel like makes you go quick also since they are supposed to help you go.

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@New577 posted:

I cannot eat any potatoes;

baked, sweet, chips, fries, etc.

when I had my temp bag, it would fill up which so much gas overnight, that I thought would fly off in the morning.

now with the pouch, it’s gas city!

so unfortunately potatoes are on my no go list☹️.

I never really ate sweet potatoes before but figured I’d try it. This happened last time I tried but just thought I over did it and was out of whack because I was getting sick. I had about 100g yesterday and today and as soon as I ate them, the cramping started again although it seems like I dont have a ton of gas but that’s small amounts all the time throughout the day and a few big ones. It has made me feel “not completely evacuated” because of those cramps.

I take an Enzymedica Digest Gold tablet before I eat any vegetables including sweet potatoes.  They are pricy, but have stopped me from having gas issues after eating vegetables. I can now eat sweet potatoes with no issues. As you said they are great for trying to thicken things up. You can purchase these tablets on Amazon.

Just thought I'd throw that out there

Hmm gas is my enemy as well, I haven’t really figured out what the culprit(s) is(are). So far beer and anything with bubbles seems to be giving it, I think there is more.

that Enzymedica Digest Gold sounds nice but I cannot get any real information on it, just &&(*! advertisement. Anyone else has positive experience with it?

I use psyllium fibers for consistency which works great to keep stuff smooth (3x2g before dinner) and 5 x 2 mg Imodium (loperamide) on a daily schedule (8,11,16,21,24) to keep it the right thickness. Usually can do with 1 BM during the night.

Hi, my experience with sweet potatoes is that I can eat baked sweet potatoes baked in oven for 1 hour at 400, poke holes I’m it w/ a fork, no skins just one small SP inside only with a little bit of butter and sea salt, I use grass fed butter. However, I cannot eat sweet potato french fries, those cause me a lot of problems during evacuation.

Sweet potatoes aren't as problematic as russets for me.  Nightshades are troublesome (tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, eggplant) in general for me and sweets aren't nightshades - they belong to the morning glory family.  I have also messed around with digestive enzymes and I think they are pretty good, but you have to experiment.  Beano-type ones (generic is better because doesn't usually have sugar) are good for cruciferous veggies and beans for me, "Now" plant enzymes help with other stuff. These all cut down on gas but they don't eliminate it.  I do psyllium husk powder with water before every meal for better consistency of BMs.  That and oatmeal (instant, cooked well) seem to work well, but if I have eaten too much of a challenging food, like oily stuff or nightshades (or god forbid, french fried potatoes!) I can still expect to have gut disturbance.  I have given up on cow dairy and wheat completely and mostly I don't have chicken eggs unless I have a specific craving.  I have also cut down on caffeine and rarely have alcohol. 

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