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So last week I was in the hospital for 5 days with an NG tube cuz I was so full of fluids from this stricture.  The evil, dreaded NG tube!  Anyway the doc wanted me to stop taking immodiums and try miralax.  However, when I don't take immodiums I have liquid poop constantly and causes great irritation.  So after a couple days of this I couldn't take it and I took some immodiums today.  Is it okay to take immodiums and miralax?  I took 2 immodiums this morning and the miralax with lunch and just now took 2 more immodiums.  Thanks again to any info provided.


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Hum, I wonder if MIralax works differently on the system than immodim. I don’t know what I’d do without number Immodium. Had to stop it this week bc I was fearful I was getting an obstruction. My butt is so sore now that the liquids are going through and the butt burn is real! 

Anyhow, I’d guve your doc a call and let them know the Miralax alone isn’t cutting it. Maybe they can figure something out like you described where you rotate between the two? Was the Immodium contributing to the structure they think? 

Never had an NG tube but hear they are horrible. So sorry and hope you’re feeling a little better now. 

Miralax is a laxative. An osmotic laxative. It draws water into the bowel, increasing volume and frequency. 

Imodium is an antidiarrheal. It slows the gut and aids in absorbtion of water. This in turn reduces volume and frequency.

As you can see, Miralax and Imodium are opposite acting drugs. I suspect that your doctor wanted you to take Miralax to keep your output loose and flowing, because Imodium slowed your gut so much that stool was backing up due to strictures.

You are better off reducing your Miralax some rather than counteracting it with Imodium. You need to communicate with your doctor that the dose of Miralax is causing you problems.


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