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Is it downtown? I am not sure if I have been to Little Italy. I am going up Sept 8-11 next.

I have gone to a place, forgot the name of the area but can look it up. It has a wildlife rehabilitation. Found an almost dead bird and dropped it off there and discovered a nice area and the place has a bald eagle and neat vultures, fish, etc. Tons of fun things for adults and kids.

I like the beer garden next to the West Side Market and a yummy place to eat called the Flying Fig.

If you happen to go up around then let me know! My husband usually goes but man he is not adventurous at all so dragging my mom, she is fun and likes to do more things in new places.
hey vanessa, I went to your flying fig place last week on way out of town. I usually stop at carnegies by the highway entrance for my first meal after a procedure before my drive home, but it was closed. So I remembered you had mentioned a place by west side market. Flying fig was great. healthy and not expensive. thanks for sharing.

We too usually stay downtown, cheap and easy access, but last time I staying at doubletree by walker bldg. had free hotel points. So getting to little italy was easy.

as for little italy, its at the other side of CC, by the pain management building, just past university circle (case western). It's like a super mini north end of boston. Definitely worth exploring if you haven't been there. Also the museum of art and botanical gardens are about .5 mile from walker building, in university circle. so that's your next adventure when you are there!!!
We are definetly going to Little italy! I saw photos on trip advisor and got excited. Not sure what I can eat since I am gluten and sugar free and even only eat goat dairy products. I think I read Monday it isn't really open so will go by Tues or Wed. I like the area the Flying Fig is at. Cute area to walk around, beer gardens and antique shops, etc.
Discount parking info for CC

Self-Park Discount Coupons
If a patient or visitor expects frequent visits to main campus, discount coupons are available.
Five-pack $35
Five-pack (Senior Discount) $30
*Seniors must present Golden Buckeye, AARP, Senior Circle or Healthwise Connection card. Coupons are valid for
use in self-park facilities only (not accepted at valet).
Purchase Self-park Discount Coupons from:
 All valet cashiers and self-park cashiers throughout main campus
 Parking Services Office (open Mon.– Fri., 7 am – 4:30 pm, JJ North Office Basement)

This topic needs some new life! Anyone going to CC in the near future? I've had step one of three performed locally (not at CC) and recently transferred my records. If I'm going to get a j-pouch, it will be made in Cleveland. I'll be an out-of-towner so would like to hear about other's experiences. Who is/was your doctor?  How did you choose? What can you pass along to newbies? Thanks in advance!

Jfill my doctor is Doctor Church at the Cleveland Clinic....great doctor. I did not really choose him I was a hour away in a hospital and my colon perforated and they rushed me there for surgery.  He was assigned to my case and that was 24 years ago.  I do not know if he is taking on new patients since he is probably not going to be at the clinic that much longer. :-(  For me I would suggest getting a doctor that does the j pouch in different steps.  Some doctors do it all at one time..not sure if they still do it that way.  I had the J pouch and then let it heal before it was used which I think is the best way because it cuts down on infection.

For those going to CC for J-Pouch surgery, you should take a walk up to the roof top Miller Pavilion. Great view of lake Erie and downtown Cleveland. Great to sit up there and watch the world from a nice perspective. I was pretty mobile after both surgeries (mainly due to the length of my time there), and it was about an 8 or 10 minutes walk at most. 

The night before my reversal surgery, I stay at the Marriott Courtyard. If you like walking, take a walk to the Lakeview Cemetery. That may sound like an odd thing to do,but the grounds are beautiful. See if you can find where Rockefeller, Elliot Ness, and the guy that coined "Rock and Roll" are buried.  It's just east of Little Italy. 



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