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I'm not sure how much this topic has been brought up here...  I am just posting to ask about a couple of observations in regards to my j-pouch.

Greasy food: I usually notice that when I eat things like a greasy slice of pizza, the next day or so I tend to pass that grease right through my digestive system.  In other words, I suppose I am not absorbing much if any of that grease as it ends up in the toilet.  Maybe this is a good thing?   Do any of you have the same thing happen?

Licorice:  It seems that when I have recently eaten red licorice, it tends to bind me up and slow down my digestive system somewhat.  Does anyone have experience with this?

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This is absolutely my case as well.  The small bowel transit is faster than the colon therefore some things don't get absorbed as well.  I don't do well with greasy food, grapefruit or blueberries.  Everyone is different.  I don't have any scientific evidence but my personal belief is that my body is smart and has learned to absorb the nutrients it needs.  I am in better physical condition now than I was before my pouch (I also eat better and work out more!).

My list of “no go” foods is pretty extensive.


-fried/greasy foods except in small quantities always cause a bad reaction.

- adding pepper to my food will cause a anal burn hours later.

- corn, potatoes in any form, red meat.

i could go on and on, but I think you can get the idea here.

I should probably just maintain a list a foods I can eat.


I don't generally find that eating a greasy slice of pizza is more troublesome for me.  I was just referring to the fact that I don't seem to absorb the grease! 

Blueberries are usually a regular part of my diet.  80% of the time I use the frozen cultivated ones and either put them in my oatmeal in the morning or add them to my smoothies in the Ninja.  Obviously, fresh is better.  And when given the option, wild blueberries are better than cultivated (kind of like farmed vs. wild fish).  However, I find that the smaller wild blueberries tend to go right through me without absorbtion more than the bigger cultivated ones!  Same with oatmeal...  The standard quick oats digest a lot easier than the steel-cut oats (that are supposed to be healthier and better for you.

I usually eat a lot of white rice.  I have tried switching to brown rice in the past and that was a mistake and I never did it again.  My system simply could not digest it and it made for some difficult times...  White bread seems easier than grainy breads. 

With our condition, healthier is not necessarily so in a lot of cases...

I swear my food tolerances change even by the day. I can eat the exact same things two days in a row and have completely different outcomes.
Capper - I’ve noticed that if I eat 3-4 twizzlers at night, I’m up less to go to the BR! I guess it’s like eating marshmallows before an ostomy change (I hated those days)

also - I usually don’t get the tenesmus until the evening hours. and I can’t figure out a rhyme nor reason for it.

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