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Has anyone else on this form been diagnosed with psoriasis? I have recently been experiencing a mild case of this 14 years after my  J Pouch surgery. Funny how your immune system will keep finding ways to attack you even without a colon. Reading online there seems to be a strong link between IBD and psoriasis. 

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Yes, I have it on my scalp and also have joint aches.  I think this is due to the systemic inflammation that caused the UC in the first place. 

A wise teacher told me once, "When a crime is committed, it is the victim that screams, not the perpetrator."  In excising the colon, we remove the victim and expect the the crime to stop.  Which. Is. Insane.

I can't find "parfume mix" on the internet, and when I do "perfume mix" it give me all sorts of stuff, but not a chemical compound.  So I'm not sure what you're allergic to, but I am interested!  There was something that I read that a lot of people are allergic to phenoxyethanol.  Is that what you're talking about?  It's in a lot of products and smells a bit like roses.

I had it on my scalp before being diagnosed with uc.

Years before.

Now that my colon is gone I have no psoriasis but I do have other skin issues. Cannot remember what it's called. I get these red bumps. Itchy. Omgoodness. I have a cream for it.

But over the last few months I've been having other skin issues. I have no idea what's going on. Dry skin in some areas. And some areas it just plain itchy.  I don't scratch. I know better.

But I am going to have to go see a dermatologist soon.

My grandson has psoriasis pretty bad. He is only 15. I feel for him.  At that age it's not something teens want to deal with. Any age really. 

Someone said above.  How you take care of one issue autoimmune related. And then something else pops up.

Seems endless.

I think psoriasis is related or an autoimmune issue.

I don't really know.


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