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Does any one ever use prune juice when you feel like stools are just not coming out fast enough or when you feel like you need to strain too much??  I do, it does make my stools very loose but it seems to work.  Just curious if anyone else uses it.

Thank you!

I had my surgery in 1995 (I think!  It’s been so long) at the Lahey Clinic.

cece I’ve been on this site.  I forget how

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I've never tried prune juice, but I drink a little grape juice each day to try to avoid blockages. However, I am having trouble with very slow bowels in my j-pouch. I've had my j-pouch about 20 years and have a lot of pain so I am on pain medicine and antibiotics which I think causes my slow digestion. Does prune juice help with this issue? And if so how much of it do you drink each day? Thank you

When I feel like a need with some help in going to the bathroom and as you all know sometimes trips can last for hours that’s when I’ll take about 6 oz.  It has not failed me yet.  Within 1 hour I’m going to the bathroom - yes it can be very loose but it will be over after only a few trips to the bathroom.


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