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I have to get a prostate mri in a few days and they want me to prep by taking a fleet enema, Ive had a prostate MRI before with my jpouch but can’t remember if I did an enema to prep for it. I’m wondering if just doing a liquid diet for the day before would have me cleaned out enough for the MRI or is the enema the way to go. Wondering if anyone else out there has done an enema with a jpouch.

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Many (perhaps most) of us use tap water enemas to prep for pouchoscopies. The easiest way to do this is to empty the solution out of a Fleet bottle and replace it with warm water (the brand-name product has a removable top). The Fleet solution is designed to cause the rectum to contract and expel the solution. Since J-pouchers lack a rectum the irritating solution has little value.

I don’t know if the prostate MRI prep is ideally the same with and without a J-pouch, but the enema should be adequate and the radiologist sure needs to know your anatomy is different.

i am confused about the fleet for an MRI, is it so you are cleared out and the images will be better? My PSA has been going up and want another lab in a few weeks and if it goes higher they stated get an MRI to check it for anything suspicious . And if there is then will send me to a urologist that does biopsies on people with pouches. I know my prostate has been enlarged for a few years and that I am hoping is reason for the higher PSA.

Didn’t realize just an enlarged prostate will cause PSA numbers to rise, even with no cancer present, very interesting 🤨. Found out this MRI they’re doing on me is just with & without contrast, I was a little worried about them using a balloon covered probe and going far enough into my garage to damage my jpouch. I’ll never forget my surgeon telling me “nobody goes in your garage but me” lol, but it’s been 7 years and I’ve relocated and now I make sure anyone doing any work in the garage knows there’s a jpouch in there and I’ve come across some nurses and techs who have never heard of it so I have to school them.

yeah, 18 months ago my first PSA was 1.97. I had another one done a few weeks ago and its now 2.78 and considered elevated. Urologist wants me to get another lab 2 weeks from now and if it has gone up again he talked about getting an MRI to see if anything looks suspicious. He knows about the jpouch and cant do anything "in the garage". lol. Said if its rising and MRI is suspicious he will send me to Dr Kaouck within my Cleveland Clinic network and if i need a biopsy they could do one through the urethra and biposy thru the bladder so jpouch wont be touched. Said if we do get to that point and need a biposy that Dr Kaouck can so surgery through the perianal skin area. Apparently he has done many of these on jpouch patients. even though im hoping the raised PSA is from my enlarged prostate I am still scared to death.

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