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My husband has a j-pouch since 2008. He was diagnosed with a second prostate cancer recurrence; his first one was 6 years ago and was treated with radiation at UCLA. A new tumor appeared on the opposite side, and has a current Gleason of 7 (4+3); the tumor appears to be localized.  He has been suffering from urethra blockage as result of the first radiation treatment which caused scar tissue. Multiple opinions from LA doctors are in alignment to not operate to remove his prostate as he is plagued with scar tissue.  He was placed on hormones for 6 months and his PSA dropped from 16 to 4.35. After a 3 month hiatus, it jumped up to 9. He is back on hormones now, but has been told that hormones stop working in most cases.

His long term options are either more high dose radiation (HDR) or the TULSA procedures. He already saw two doctors that said they would not do TULSA as it is too risky. HDR carries its own set of risks, so we are getting closer to getting into real trouble. Any suggestions, advice, or sharing of similar experience that could help guide us?

Thank you!

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before I had my jpouch step 1, I had my yearly psa test. It was 10.4. Thank god my biopsy came back negative.

every colorectal surgeon I consulted with warned me to deal with the prostate before the jpouch surgery.  They all told radiation to the pelvis could render the jpouch useless.

I still have my prostate and I do not know what I would do.l in the future.  I do not want any more surgeries.

I hope everything works out.


We are very fortunate that the radiation did not have impact on the J-pouch; at least not yet. Radiation impact can take years to surface, but it is already 6 since he had the treatment. At this time we need options to treat the prostate in the event the cancer grows and the hormone treatment stops working; surgery does not appear to be one of the choices.

Hi Wife,

My fiance's numbers were at 13 with a high chance of requiring surgery.  We have done a few healthy diet changes and natural supplements.  Much less sugar, less to no processed foods, very little red meats, more fruits and vegetables.  We added in a super prostate supplement, vitamin D, B12, oil of oregano, a homeopathic med called nux vomica and probiotics (not sure probiotics will help this but that is another change in habits for my guy).  Exercise may help as well. 

So far his numbers have come down to 6.6 and his MRI is showing stable.

Really hoping these methods may help.   

Good luck to both of you.

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