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Sorry for the multiple posts but wanted to generate as much feedback on each so separating my questions.

I’m on cipro/flagyl for possible (no scope yet) pouchitis and wondering if I should continue to take my visbiome. It’s expensive so don’t want to take it if it’s going to be ineffective while on abx. Or maybe it would be protective against eradication of any good bacteria?


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I've had benefit from VSL #3 while on antibiotics, and I take both every day. VSL #3 is very similar to Visbiome. I do space the probiotic doses hours away from the antibiotics. Since many folks don't get any change in how they feel from taking probiotics it can be hard to know for sure if you're getting any benefit.

Thanks, Scott. I think I’ll start the visbiome back up and separate it from abx. You’ve had a long history of taking both abx and an equivalent probiotic so good to hear from you. I guess it can’t hurt other than my wallet.

Also, I don’t expect to feel any different on the probiotic and honestly the data is all over the place on efficacy. But I did find a reasonably well controlled study that showed delay to first bout of pouchitis (maybe a moot point for me considering only 4 weeks out take down and may have it) but more compellingly a lower relapse rate in those who managed to be compliant. Compliance dropped off at one year but the results were enough for me to take it in the hopes it has some benefit. It’s fairly innocuous beyond cost so the risk/benefit seems worth it to me. I have PSC which has been shown to increase  pouchitis risk so want to do everything possible to give myself a fighting chance.

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