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I cannot maintain my iron levels, even after taking oral supplementation. As a result, my levels are monitored every few months and I get an iron infusion. That seems to be the only way to get my levels up. When I took the tablets, I was fortunate to not have any GI upset. I have also read that it is important to couple your iron tablets with vitamin C because it helps the iron get absorbed (sadly, even this did not work for me). I wonder why we have the iron deficiency? Not everyone with a J-pouch has this. For me I suspect it is a low-level Crohns disease.

I gave up and resigned myself to this outcome.

just got my blood work results and after 6 months post iron infusion, iron levels and hemoglobin are still in range (low end)

I suspect that next check up in 6 months they will drop below normal, and next iron infusion will be needed.

I take so many meds daily, I just cannot fight every battle with this disease.

New577: No issues with the jpouch and Ferralet.

It was prescribed by my primary care physician when I  was low on iron and told her that iron supplements upset my stomach.

I think she thought it wouldn't upset my stomach,  but I'm not sure if that is its advertised purpose. I'm going to Google it to see. You may want to do that, too.

One caveat: There is no generic,  and it's not covered by my insurance.  It is $80 for 30 tablets at my pharmacy, so I take only 3 tablets a week. My iron levels are fine now.

My iron level dropped about 1 1/2 yrs ago and my PCP also put me on FERROUS SULFATE 325 mg.  I don't have any blockage issues with it.  Although I do try to maintain a dark greens diet, liver for dinner and eggs for breakfast.  I also down some Blackstrap Molasses (unsulphered)  because of the iron content.  Liver and eggs are very sporadic.  Next PCP appt is May 1st and hopefully my level will be on par.


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