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I appear to have my 4th case of pouchitis in 8 years of having a pouch.  I have two questions.  I did one 9 day course of cipro but after 5 days my symptoms have returned.  Should I do another course of cipro for 14 days?  I also have a slightly low hemoglobin count.  Should I take iron supplements?

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It’s possible that a longer course of Cipro will do the trick, or Flagyl might work. Does your doctor have an opinion?

Low iron is only one possible cause of low hemoglobin. If you are having monthly menstrual periods then simply taking iron would be a reasonable guess, but otherwise you’re better off (IMO) getting a more thoughtful medical assessment. The same blood test that found your hemoglobin to be low also likely has substantial information about what might be causing it.

It can come back and stay in a low grade condition for a while with minimal or no symptoms. Many of us have trouble clearing it and some people get scoped and don't know they have pouchitis until it shows on scope. You may need to be on antibiotics for more than 10 days to clear it, and it could come back. You might want to go for annual scopes and keep an eye on it so it doesn't get out of control.

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