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My doctor at the Lahey Clinic retired. I have a gastroenterologist who I saw at Dartmouth who can do a scope of my pouch. His name is Dr. Levine.

I wonder if I should have a colon and rectal surgeon do the scope like I have in the past. Does it matter? It sounds like Dr. Levine knows what he's doing.

Also, for some reason Dr. Coller let me get away with no prep before my scopes. Dr. Levine told me I have to do a liquid diet and other prep.

I'm delaying the scope although I'm due for one. I have a hard time getting used to the thought of someone else looking up my butt after twenty years of Dr. Coller doing the job. I worry too about going with Dr. Levine because he's not exactly young.

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The first 3 years after my surgery, I had yearly scopes with my surgeon. I wasn't seeing a GI because there was no need. After getting pouchitis last year, I went to a new GI (pre-surgery I had a pediatric GI). My GI wanted to take a look for himself to see what he was dealing with.

I think as long as the GI has an understanding of a pouch, it is fine for him to do a scope.

As for prep, it was no food after midnight and both my surgery and GI had me do a fleet enema....much to my dismay.
For my first few years after surgery i did use my surgeon for scopes. I live in East TX and he is in Dallas TX. I found a GI Dr here but he does not do surgery. However he is very familiar with the j pouch, is very capable of removing all growths that have came up over the years. He just removed two that we thought were too big to come out through a scope but we went to a different hospital with a special scope and he did it. I am very pleased and if major problems come up I still go to my original surgeon from 1990. It is important that you trust and are comfortable with whom you use. I have used magnesium citrate and with the last scope I was told that prep can damage the lense on scope and only did two enemas the morning before, which I hate because I cant even use a whole one in one use.

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