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So had round one of J pouch surgery on February 27th have been dealing with ostomy pouch issues since cannot get good seal on bottom where pouch adheres to skin looking for any suggestions have tried the O-rings I'm using concave pouch with belt also using Half Moon Skin Barrier over and around pouching system have had three different approaches from three different ostomy nurses need a solution to get through the next two months with this pouch any suggestions greatly appreciated thank you

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I can offer a few basic suggestions that helped me -- first, make sure your skin is totally dry.  I sometimes use a hairdryer on cool/low to help dry it after I've applied sprays or barrier wipes, etc.  After applying the ring directly to the skin (wrapping the ring around the stoma quite closely), I press down on the ring gently yet firmly around the entire ring with my fingers to make sure there's a close contact with the skin.  After applying the wafer on top of the ring, I also press that firmly down for a few minutes.  If instead of applying the ring directly on the skin, you apply the ring to the wafer and apply it all at once, you can still press down on the ring around the stoma to make sure the ring has close contact with the skin.  It also helps me to try not to bend over or twist, etc., for awhile after I'm done with my application (maybe an hour or 2).  Just a couple things I learned with time.  There's a facebook group called "The Real Ostomy Support Group" which has been really helpful as well.  Best wishes.

Another thought is to stand up as straight as you can while applying the wafer.  If applied while sitting, there is a chance that when the skin stretches out as you stand, the wafer might pull and the seal you have could break.  Imagine putting a bandaid on the crook of your elbow while it's bent.  When you'd straighten the arm, the bandaid will pull and no longer be snug against the skin.  I use a clip-on cubicle desk mirror on my vanity (from amazon) so I can see while standing as I'm applying the wafer.

I had the same problem when I had my first surgery as well.
things that helped me- after using a wipe to clean the area, use an alcohol prep pad to remove any residue or film left by the wipe  then let it completely dry before putting the donut on.
also I used some Tegaderm (misspelled?) that would normally go on an IV site, just cut them with some scissors and placed them over the edges where there was a leak. If you use that method just make sure you’re changing it frequently as the pouch contents can irritate your skin.

After putting on the appliance sit with a heating pad for about fifteen minutes. On high. I do it on every change to melt it all together and to my skin. Then go easy on the bending for a few hours.

I find this step in my change helps alot.

Never had a leak on the bottom. Usually one side. Along the cut line from surgery.

Good luck.


If memory serves, my ostomy nurse taught me to apply the wafer to my clean and dry stomach and press and iron all around, moving outward to the edges, then keep both hands flat on the wafer for a minute or so, just to let the warmth from the palms of your hands help the adhesive stick better. You could rub your palms together first, just to get the blood circulating and palms warmed up. It was comforting and relaxing too in laying hands on my appliance, and just to take a minute to settle and be prepared for another day and happy that I completed another bag change! My ostomy was a few years ago, but I remember this worked and my wafer stayed put much better. Every day will bring you closer to your reversal. Good luck to you.

I remember having that issue, although it was years ago. I remember washing the area with dial bar soap, wiping my skin with alcohol wipes, and applying stomahesive protecting powder and a barrier film wipe. I also warmed up the waffle by rubbing it between my palms; it helped the adhesive stick better. I also wore the belt during the summer months when I knew I would sweat.  Good luck, Nancy; I hope you can find a solution soon!

I have a question for you you said you had your jpouch since 2013 how is it working for you I keep getting told that I will have some issues in the beginning and possibly take a year or to adjust I've heard horror stories again I know everybody's different but I was just wondering how you are doing with yours can you live your life the way you want do what you want I thought living with UC was a challenge but it was one I learned to adapt to which maybe that's how this will work you learn to adapt to the situation this is just all so frustrating to me right now appreciate your input and hope you are doing well

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