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Hi! I had my takedown surgery on Thursday and was walking everywhere pretty much 2-3 hours after my surgery. I did this to keep my bowels active and thankfully it worked. I opened my bowels the same day as my surgery (passing wind was a relief). On the second day, my bowels became more active and got the usual butt burn, but now I'm home with better toilet paper and an ointment to use, the soreness is reducing. First night at home I woke up roughly 5 times through the night which was expected until everything settles down.

I have noticed that when I need to go to the toilet, I get a strong urgency. Is this normal at this stage and does it gradually get easier over the next few weeks?


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I don't remember any urgency just after my takedown, I remember being advised to resist the urge to go; so to stretch the pouch and to create longer periods between BM's, although I don't know whether I actually did this, everything kind of just occurred naturally.

Even now, nearly two years since takedown, my sleep is very rarely disturbed.

I believe urgency can be a sign of Pouchitis, which I've never experienced and considering I read about it often on this forum, I know very little about.

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My takedown was 3 weeks ago, and for me some of that urgency came with gas. I could usually hold on through those spasms and then it feels fine, or sometimes I'm able to pass those bubbles right out with no problem and that helps (though you will want to proceed with caution doing this). If that's what it is, it should get better with time and you will be better able to recognize what's going on and whether you can hold on or you need to get to the toilet. I too am sleeping pretty much through the night though I still occasionally have leakage. Good luck! 

Information from my surgeon today suggested that everything that's happening with me is normal, thankfully. Last couple days I was getting quite bad cramps now and then followed by a strong urgency, so I tried cutting down on the milk intake and now the cramps aren't as intense.

I've been told the urgency will settle. Probably the fact this part of my bowel hasn't been used for nearly two years is why it'll be tough at first until it adjusts.

Boogiemomz, do you not wake up because of gas cramps or anything?

My small bowel emptied into a colostomy bag and once or twice per week, mucus was expelled from what remained of the rectum.

For a good few hours after takedown, I endured frequent BMs and the desire to evacuate many times but I dont recall urgency.

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My BM were down to 4 - 5 per day by time I left Hospital and since takedown, have more or less remained the same since, although some days could be an many as 6 but never less than 2.

I wouldn't say BM's have increased, as it can vary so much from day to day

Output can be more loose but more often than not, it's relatively thick, just not formed.

Initially, as a precaution, after every BM, I applied ilex to prevent butt burn and eventually, without even thinking about it, I just stopped using it, although from  time to time, the moment I feel the slightest itchy burning sensation, out comes the ilex and applied for 2/3 days.

Best to have a tube of ilex and not need it: than need it and not have it.

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