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Does anyone have any good recipes or know any good peanut butter products that don't have much-added sugars (none if possible) or chocolate? I can't tolerate either, but most peanut butter bars or online recipes usually have lots of either.

The only product I've found to work for me is Atkins peanut butter protein cookies, they have 1g of sugar and no chocolate.

I can only tolerate around 6 to 8 grams of sugar max in a single meal, cant tolerate chocolate for the life of me

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Whey protein powder added to peanut butter works very well - you can adjust for consistency and spread on whatever you like. Better control over the ingredients than purchased bars. For crunch you can't beat WASA crackers. Light Rye or other variety without seeds / lower fiber.

And if you are ok with honey, and can tolerate wheat germ, which works for me, I used to make these peanut butter balls for my kids' lunch boxes - many many years ago now.  I've not experimented but pulverized oatmeal (a few pulses in food processor or blender) is probably a good substitute for some or all of the wheat germ and whey protein for the dry milk.

1 cup wheat germ

1/2 cup PB

1/2 cup honey ( can use less)

2 T dry milk

You combine, roll into balls, and keep refrigerated. Lots of protein. Very filling.  Now that I think about it, will try a batch myself! Will probably use half the honey and roll in powdered sugar and cinnamon.  

All the prepackaged peanut butter crackers have a good bit of sugar in them 😞 but i suppose making them from home should be super easy

In reference to the bread, do you mean banana bread with peanut butter, or bread with peanut butter and bananas on it?

Banana Bread with peanut butter mixed in. When your making peanut butter bread, you mix bananas and peanut butter in it and stir it up and put it into the oven. Its a recipe, I think you would love it

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