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Ive been through several full body x-ray machines at airports, but today was the first time I was pulled over at McCarran airport in Las Vegas.

Since I'm also TSA precheck...I asked the guard "what's the problem" he is calling for a female guard to conduct a pat down, he states "I'm not sure but we see some kind of pouch"....ha ha

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This reminds me that many years ago but after I got a J Pouch I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound examination.  I specifically told the radiology technician "tell the radiologist I have a J pouch."  Either that message was not communicated or not understood.  A few days later I got the report and it was talking about what sounded like a very large tumor in my abdomen (with measurements) and I became scared and sent it to my gastroenterologist.  He called me up and was laughing.  I asked him why he was laughing and he said, "the radiologist measured your J Pouch and called it a tumor."  He thought it was unbelievable and asked me what the communication was with the radiologist.

It's a good question about what the TSA scanning machines show but I have been through them many times with no problems or questions about metal or pouches.

I did one time get hassled about bringing bottled water in a carry on knapsack.  I told the TSA agent I did so for medical reasons because on longer flights I feared dehydration and DVTs (which can happen with dehydration on longer flights) .  Initially he hassled me but then when he saw my medications bag which was a one gallon ziplock bag filled with prescriptions, he said, "with all those Meds I am tending to believe you do have a medical condition and I am going to let you bring them on board."

They did indeed ask me about metal.. I told them "My right leg is more metal than bone".  I was also wearing skorts (a skirt with shorts underneath), so i don't know if they thought my pockets underneath the exterior of the skort was the "Pouch", but he definitely stated pouch.  The female TSA agent was primarily examining my right abdomen (where my pouch is located).  I did explain to her my medical condition prior to her pat down.

But, yes, I have been through the full-body scans in SAN, LFT, and PDX  with no comments or issues.

After the Las Vegas massacre, security was in FULL FORCE everywhere we went.. the strip, Freemont st, the airport and all casinos.

I travel a lot, and all around...I get patted down nearly every single time (underwire bras do that)...I couldn't care less...I get the x-rays and the 'puffers'  too...I figure that if they take my x-ray then I am entitled to look at it and ask that they show them to me

Once or twice I have refused to be patted down by specific people and have asked for someone else (a good looking guy?) but I always do it with a smile. 

Now I go through mostly in a wheelchair...I get bugged a bit less...but they tend to open up my k-pouch kit and try to remove my catheter and syringe and show it off to the world...Rather unsettling sometimes...I have even refused to allow them to touch it. They get pissed, I call the supervisor. 


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