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Hi everyone,  I had a CT Scan done on July 30th as I was not feeling well.  My colorectal doc ordered the scan.  They found a dilation of my pancreatic duct.  I then had a MRCP which confirmed the dilation.  The radiologist (who is a good friend of my family) said he studied the area with a fine tooth comb and saw nothing to indicate cancer.  My GI doc wants to scan me every three months for 8 months to monitor any further changes.  My question is, reading the enormous amount of material on this topic, I found a study that basically said that people who have undergone colectomies are at a much higher rate of PC because of hormonal and metabolic changes that occur. 

Does anyone have any info or thoughts?  




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Please post the link to that study, if you can.  Back in June, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  My endocrinologist told me that my form of thyroid cancer is caused by a genetic mutation that developed during my lifetime, for unknown reasons.  The thyroid is a gland that secretes hormones as well. I had total thyroidectomy and one lymph node removed July 14.  So now I am without colon, thyroid and a lymph node.  I am wondering what will be taken out next.


There have been studies linking autoimmune disease and thyroid disorders generally, although I (unlike my mother and sister) never had any thyroid issues until the cancer was discovered.  Since my diagnosis, I have been wondering about possible causative factors of the cancer that I have.  In my mind, there may be some linkage with my autoimmune disorder or with the colectomy, which I had done in 1992, and thus have lived with for 23 years prior to the cancer diagnosis.


I am currently on a low iodine diet, slated for radioactive iodine treatment on September 16, followed by a whole body scan on September 23.


My paternal Grandmother died of pancreatic cancer at age 64.  That was the only cancer death in my immediate family.  Unfortunately, I have very vivid memories of my Grandmother and her unfortunate demise, as I was very close to her and she was my weekend daycare provider as a child up until when she died.


I wish you the best in dealing with your pancreatic issue.

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There have also been some members here who have had PSC and I recall a thread about the linkage between PSC, which is a bile duct disorder, and autoimmune disorder.  There was a member by name of Shell Worrall from the UK who posted fairly regularly who at some point was diagnosed with PSC.  More on PSC here:


Here is Shell's board profile here.  Looks like she hasn't visited since January of this year:


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If this was PSC, there surely would be bile duct involvement prior to pancreatic duct involvement. I have no doubt they would have looked for it in Lisa's case with the MRCP.


Perhaps in your case, Lisa, the pancreatic duct dilation was caused by a blockage from a stone that had dislodged by the time the scan was done. If so, serial scans should show gradual improvement in your duct. Sounds like your doc is being very proactive. My dad died of pancreatic cancer a number of years ago. He had no UC or bowel surgery history. 


I was not able to find any direct link between colectomy and increased risk for PC. but, there is an indirect link based on the reason you had a colectomy (like certain genetic syndromes). Also, colectomy could lead to pancreatitis, which may in turn increase the risk, if it becomes chronic.


But, try not to imagine worst case scenarios that are unlikely to occur. You are doing your due diligence and being proactive.



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