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I have had my jpouch for many years. Which means many, many, many trips to the restroom. Which means a lot of wiping. Could what I see in the mirror be skin tags on my anus?! Does anyone else have something extra on their anus? It is painful to wear thong underwear. Sometimes I notice they bleed after wiping. I’ve never brought it up with the doctor because I assumed they were skin tags and didn’t want to go through another procedure if I could help it. But I think it’s time to bring it up. I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced something like this and what you were told they were.

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I have also had my J Pouch many years (29).  Around 5 years ago, I felt a little extra something there and got opinions from my GI, a dermatologist and a colorectal surgeon that it is a skin tag.  To me it felt like a small lump.  I was told by all 3 that it's harmless.  The colorectal surgeon told me that any attempt to remove it would be dangerous and could compromise the muscular integrity of the anal sphincter and impact on continence.  So I ignored it.

It's not painful now, but at one time it seemed a bit sensitive to a vigorous scrubbing.

Don't be afraid to bring it up with your GI/dermatologist.

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Skin tags, if that is what they are, can be easily and quickly burnt off by a competent dermatologist.

I get a lot of them around my neck and have been having them removed regularly over the years.

That said, if they are granulation, little white bumps or occasionally red ones that grow only on the red tissue,  (something that I get a lot of on my stoma because I have a k pouch with an abdominal stoma that I intubate through) due to the constant rubbing of the catheter.  I burn them off myself. (I did not invent this nor do I suggest this to surgeon, in Canada, taught me how because I moved away to another country where there were no k pouch surgeons). I have silver nitrate sticks that I very delicately touch to the little white bumps.

It is maintenance and not a procedure. If I do not do it they bleed every time that I intubate.

Please ask your dermatologist if it is safe to burn them off...they actually freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. Again, first, you need to be sure of what they are, then you need to make sure that they are not dangerous nor is it dangerous to remove them.

It is essentially painless. It stings for a second and then nothing. They fall off in a few days.

You may need it done more than once. Or regularly every few years.


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